Megzy's T.T.U Recording Diary Part 1

Posted 17:52 by Thomas 'Megzy' Merrigan in

Today was day 1 recording for The Tandem Umbrella's debut EP. We started recording "Donatello" and its sounding pretty fat already. I laid down a few vocal takes to map out my vocals in the track and we got most of the pre-mix phase finished in 5 hours. We have still got to record the acoustic drum tracks and add in all the samples and what not. In the next session we will be completing my vocal parts for "Donatello" and starting work on the track that will take the most amount of live instruments; "Play The Fool". The creative juices have been flowing today and I am really happy with our first days work. Expect to see some pics of us recording with my next diary entry and if your really lucky then maybe a short teaser video :-P

As always, thanks for reading!

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