GoldenEye/Epic Mickey

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Here are a couple of new games to look out for on the Wii this year.

GoldenEye gets a revamp for the Wii with Daniel Craig as James Bond, they have gone back the routes of this game and simply made another great multi-player 1st person shooter for the Wii. You can pre-order it now for £29.99 from HERE.

Check out the trailer just bellow;

Next up is Epic Mickey. This master piece is going to be the best Mickey game since Mickey Mania on the Mega Drive, oh i loved that game...was pretty hard though. Warren Spector's studio Junction Point, have been working heavily on this game for quite some time now and a while back I covered some of the concept art they had released for this game. Well now it is time we caught up and had a looky at what they have created with Epic Mickey, which you can already pre-order from for £29.99 HERE.

Check out a trailer below;

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