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It may have been obvious to you before now, but it only occurred to me that everyone else had decided to bring the NBA Jersey back into fashion this summer in the UK when I was at Wireless Festival to see Jay-Z on Sunday. So with this being right up my street, I decided to do a 'Gotta Get Me One Of Those!'.

I have found a few big alternatives for this style and I gotta say; I ordered one of these myself today. I have been after a Celtics road jersey for a loooong time now and finally I got one as a present from my big sis for my birthday this week.

First up is the cheapest of the 3, Drop Dead's "Bull Vest" available now from for £20 HERE. Bassed on the Chicago Bulls emblem with a Drop Dead twist, this vest has seen the back of a lot of scene kids this summer. The sizes are kinda limited at the moment, only a X-Small, Large and X-Large are in stock ATM.

Next is a step up, I picked up one of these today and I can't wait for it to arrive. Ebay has a humungous selection of NBA jerseys on sale from as little as £12, you need to shop around and really take a look at the feedback of a lot of sellers, as a great deal of these jerseys are not legit. Things to look out for are the name of the player and team looking dodgy and as I am sure most of you will have an idea whether or not a jersey is a fake or just an old (not a throwback) unwanted design or color way. I ordered a Boston Celtics road jersey and it set me back around £35. Here are a couple of Le'Bron James Cavaliers jerseys that you can get for similar money by just searching Ebay for a bargain.

Also if i were you i would look up some teams that no longer play, for that retro look I got myself a Vancouver Grizzlies Jersey a couple of months back and I picked up a custom New Era from ECapCity from the same team. The Charlotte Hornet's are another retro side that aren't playing anymore, check Ebay for some bargain shirts of theirs and you can find plenty of Hornets New Era's over at Rock'N'Jocks HERE or Cranium Fitteds HERE.

Now if you wanna go all out and you know your team then there is only one place to pick up a decent jersey, NBA.COM! They have everything money can buy on there from this Authentic Jordan Bulls vest HERE for $299.99....

with Mitchell & Ness detailing, showing the year of the throwback... this Nate Robinson Celtics replica road jersey HERE for $44.99.

They ship world wide and you know what your buying is the best quality imaginable. Remember basketball jerseys come in three different styles; Authentic, Replica and Swingman.
Authentic as close as it gets to the top quality jerseys that they actually wear on the court in the NBA. Swingman is one level down from that, so you still get the lettering and numbering sewn on in most casses but they aren't quite the same as the on-court authentic. Replica jerseys tend to have a wider shoulder and are always screan printed, so no stitching on the logo/team design or the players name. At NBA.COM the price differences between teams and styles can be vast. You can pick up most Replica from just $44.99, Swingman's start from $49.99 and Authentic's are from $169.99 upwards.

Remember if you do opt for Ebay then make sure you do some research into the seller and check to see that what your buying is legit!!! If you need some help then comment here and I will check um out for ya.

As always, thanks for reading!

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