If you are musically inclined like i am then you will be very happy to hear some new Deftones! so here are two tracks from the forth coming album Diamond Eyes;

1. "Rocket Skates" official video directed by 13th Witness

2. "Diamond Eyes" the title track with lyrics

Here is a quote from Consequence Of Sound that shows why this album is so important to the Deftones fan base;

Due to a tragic accident, Deftones band member Chi Cheng was hospitalized and currently remains in a minimally conscious state. This very fact has probably altered a Deftones musical tangent in one fell swoop, possibly for the better, and in more profound ways united a fan base beyond borders. Tragedy has a way of bringing people back to basics...Deftones were in the process of recording a follow-up to 2006’s Saturday Night Wrist, an album heavily influenced by trip-hop via leader Chino Moreno’s as-of-late-stagnant side project Team Sleep. This new album was originally to be titled Eros, but after bassist Cheng entered his coma, plans were uprooted for obvious reasons. Previous recordings were put on hold in favor of “Rocket Skates” and the aforementioned Diamond Eyes. As the record title indicates, the intent here was witnessing beauty and celebrating life, and in the wake of Cheng’s fallen status such a message becomes all the more poignant. While band members have stated that pushing back the release of Eros (which will hopefully see the light of day, given its supposedly more-aggressive nature) has nothing to do with Chi Cheng’s current condition, we wish for the best on both counts."

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Not a great deal to say I just think this pops nice and is available now at Social Skate Shop for under $30.

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I have soft spot for Japanese brand Mackdaddy, they have had some amazing fitteds designs over the last few years and this new one stands out for me. Based on a mix of Slayer's old and new logos re-arranged to say "Layers" instead.

I don't quite know why they have gone for the word "layers" but hey it seems to work any ways. On a nice plain 5950 in Black or Red and available now at Zo Zo Town.

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Again Nike SB have released a Dinosaur Jr. pair of kicks. These are a vast improvement over the last silver pair i feel and worth a look. I expect to see these in at Flatspot soon. Hypebeast had this to say;

"Nike SB follows up its Dinosaur Jr. Dunk High from 2007 with a second pair of kicks paying tribute to the band, this time shown on the newly released Zoom Omar Salazar. The kicks take on a glittery synthetic upper which plays perfectly off the outer space theme developed for the Flywire-infused design."

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Kicks on Fire had this to say;

"Purple is known for being the color of royalty, and although many sneaker fanatics may not know that, the color is still very popular, so imagine what you get when you allow the hue to grace one of the most popular shoes of all time. Here we feature a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Mids that use purple as an accenting color. The upper utilizes a simple, classic white leather design, while areas such as the Nike swoosh, inner lining, and outsole sport the purple accent They are now available for purchase at Nike’s online store for the price of $100.

Lovely, now I have taken a browse online and these kicks aren't available to the UK from Nike's online store (not cool NIKE!) So I will get back with an update and pricing (likely to be just under £70) for the UK.

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This week Nike have released this awesome pair of sneakers that look like they are made of hard rubber and haven't got any stitching in some places that you would imagine they would need it, like they were molded that way instead. It gives the pair this futuristic appeal that perhaps gives a wider look at the future of trainers then Back To The Future's Nike Mags did all those years ago. The Air Royal Mid are available now at Japanese retailer LTD in violet and white color ways. I reckon they will have these in Nike Town's worldwide soon enough.

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I have been waiting for better pics before I covered this story this week and today I have them so here we go! Iron Man 2 is out early May so its not long to wait for the Pew Pew Pew of high tech lasers and "Marvely" magic to hit the silver screen again. In Feb I picked up the Iron Man shinny leather New Era from the flagship store for an amazing £10 as it was the last one left in stock. I reckon that was a killer buy as now they are planning to release a War Machine version to accompany it. With glow in the dark eyes and in War Machine's dark colors this cap is heads and shoulder above the rest of this line. In a similar style to the Spider Man 3 releases, New Era have opted for the 'do one in the red and gold and do one in black and white' option for this release. Running out of design ideas for a second stab at the Iron Man franchise? None the less, the War Machine leathery shinny one is a release of the year I reckon and I will be advising my band mate Paul to pick one up so we can have Iron Man and War Machine on stage, we are cool like that you see...real cool.
Expect these to be dropping into Flagship stores and I would imagine just about any where they can get them on the shelves within the next month or so prior to the films release.

How miserable does Iron Man look in the 2 above? I don't think he actually has a mouth with which to frown so how the designer made him look angry I don't know.

Here is a look at the trailer to get yourself up to date with who's who in Iron Man 2;

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This is new out from MNWKA and is available now at their webstore for just under $65. This leather Keep Watch piece is pretty hot in the Terminator color-way. I'd cap that!

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