Yep its true! Fox have confirmed it in a press release;

“West will appear as Kenny West, an all-around cool kid and the archenemy of Cleveland Jr. (Kevin Michael Richardson), and the two will engage in a rap battle for the affection of high school hottie Chanel (Henson).”

They have also said in the same press release that Cleveland Jr will now be voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson instead of Mike Henry. I'm not too happy about this as I had become attached to Jr and started doing impressions of him...he better sound the same Seth!!!!
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Yesterday I bought my ticket to go and watch the movie at the IMAX in 3D and because I am so excited I thought I might show some of the best things to get your mits on before the film comes our way March 5th. Here is the trailer in HD;

First of all you have to book your ticket at the IMAX before they sell out!
ADULT - £14.00 Child 4 - 14 - £9.25 STUDENT - £9.75 Concession - £10.25

Next up is this shirt from Hot Toppic;

Available for around $20 in all sizes. The design would go perfectly with whats up next, New Era X Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat availible now at Cranium Fitteds for $35.99;

Medicom have teamed up with the movie to bring you two bearbricks that are currently availible for pre-order over at Forbidden Planet for £17.99;

Now i know this isn't from the Tim Burton movie but I still think its quite a good find. This novelty Mad Hatter's hat is from Disney World and going for a whopping $69.99 on ebay as we speak;

Another Medicom toy here, the Mad Hatter and Alice Detailed set;

Availible now for pre-order at Big-Bad-Toystore for $37.99

Next up is this shirt I stumbled upon on Amazon for $24.99;

Finaly, if your really getting into the swing of things then you could pick up the misses one of these sets over at Amazon again for $62.29;

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While New Balance is renowned for its running pedigree, its basketball heritage is somewhat less known. During the 80s the New Balance name was synonymous with one man on court, the Lakers’ James Worthy. Such was the impact of this Hall of Famer that all NB court kicks from the era were nicknamed ‘Worthys’ by those in the know. In honor of ‘Big Game James’ New Balance have reissued these tall and proud P790CTs in 80s Lakers and Celtics flavours. Packed with a C-Cap midsole and ankle padding that goes up to your eyeballs!

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They have been rife this winter. Bauble Beanies have been a fashion must have, i got a nice green one from Uni-qlo but i thought i might share some of my fav's this season.

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Opening the doors of their second flagship store in Los Angeles, Mishka has unveiled a few LA exclusive t-shirts. The Mickey mouse one looks sic!

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The Air Jordan 2010's are out now and here are some of the nicer colour-ways.
The window in this pair has had Air Jordan fans talking. I thought it looked awful at first but I think its growing on me now I have seen pictures of a pair actually on.

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These pics are taking the sneaker-freaks by storm at the moment!
Nike X Marvel Incredible Hulk Dunk Low's. I am going to let the pictures do the talking here. I will keep you posted on availability as it becomes clear.

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They have done it again and the new designs are cute as fuck (if thats even possible).

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I am currently working on where you can pick one of these up!

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Yep it's real! New Era Constructed this for the Angels stadium and is officially measured at a 649 1/2. So if you were a giant and a fan of the Angels then this would come in handy.

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