Monster Hunter Tri, Tri and Tri again!

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Capcom and Nintendo released an epic game in April this year, Monster Hunter Tri. I know its a little late as its now July but I have just ordered the game with the Classic Controller Pro and I can't wait to get my mits on it. I suppose you could say it was a little bit like Pokemon for adults, you travel around hunting monsters on vast landscapes and collecting parts to upgrade your weaponry. This series has taken Japan by storm and the last monster hunter title sold more PSP's in the east then ever before. The control system is supposedly a little tricky in comparison to say Zelda or Final Fantasy but dont let that put you off, because the online play allows you to get help from people, in getting used to the controls and the gameplay. Here are a few shots from the game and a little trailer to get your mouth watering.

You can get a copy now at most videogame retailers. Right now at its only £34.99 for just the game, £47.99 for the game and the Classic Controller Pro bundle and you can also go all out on the "Ultimate Hunter Pack" which includes the Classic Controller Pro, Wii Speak and a little statue of the flagship monster for this game "Lagiacrus" for £59.99. Click HERE to have a butchers.

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